Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

For my student choice activity I wanted to document my move to Oregon while coronavirus has us off campus. My post from last week looked like just the rout I was going to drive on and some pics of me packing. Originally I was supposed to take pictures of how the scenery changed the farther I got away from southern California, and that didn’t change but I also took pics of my miles and at a friends place that I crashed at. I think the project was successful but there is a lot more I wish I could have done with it. My favorite place in the world is Montana and I wish I could have moved up there but this was the closest and most convenient right now. Therefore I this my project was weaker because of the compromises I had to make. I kelp thinking I should just keep driving but I didn’t. I was trying to explore my photographic abilities and I think they improved as I got up farther from Cali. If I had to do this project again I would move all the way to Montana even though I know zero people up there and would literally have to start over with my life. Without further to due here are the pictures I took on my move to Oregon.

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